Friday, December 31, 2010

New blog

I have a new blog for Koston and I. I will be deleting this one in a little while so everyone add our new one! Thanks.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My little boy.

Shellene & Michelle took some family pictures for us and snapped a few sweet shots of Koston. These were some of my fave :)

He had a hard time waking up!

This little boy is into everything now! I'm always having to chase him around and make sure he's not getting into something. The other day I found him sitting in the closet opening and closing the door. He's funny. He doesn't mind sitting in the dark.

When we first got here we went to visit our friends Jon, Holly & Connor. Connor's turning 1 soon! Yay!

They liked watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :)

He's such a sweet heart.

Sweet little boys.

 I don't have too many pics of Koston with my mom so I had to snap one of them right before church.

Apparently he didn't want a picture with me! Yes. He's screaming!

He's still crawling in, out, up, down and around everything.

He thinks it's SO funny to put his hands all over his hair!! He knew he was being naughty because everytime I'd get mad at him, he'd laugh and do it again. Haha.

I love this little boy. I'm so grateful to have him. He helps me smile when times are hard and always knows how to tug at my heart strings. Love him!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kostons 1st b day and Halloween

October was a pretty busy month so it seemed to fly by! Koston turned 1 on the 25th so we threw a little party for him. We invited a few friends over to wish him happy b day :) It was a lot of fun! We have some awesome friends here. Here's some pics! Brian has a lot on his phone too that I have yet to get from him. I will post those later. I tried posting a couple videos of when we sang happy birthday to him... but Blogger hates me and doesn't want to cooperate. Our internet is slow too... grrr. Oh well. Enjoy!

All his friends who came to the party :)

 (I wish I would have pulled his shirt down and put his other sock back on! He's always missing a sock cause he pulls them off and sucks on them!)

One of his fav. toys :)

And he's off!

He also got some fun books from all his friends, a couple other toys from mommy and daddy :) and an outfit, money and a stuffed animal from all his grandparents. THANKS GUYS!

Just a few things about the birthday boy:
- He weighs about 26 lbs and is about 32 in. tall ( I think :/ )
- He says Dada... but still won't say Mama!
- He can take a few steps on his own... but stops and crawls cause he can get to places quicker!
- He loves to clap
- He loves to crawl and sit underneath the end table and say Deeees! (I was taking a picture of him once and told him to say cheese, so every once in awhile he'll say "deeees!")
- He loves to read
- He loves to tear apart all his books and eat them.
- He eats like a vacuum!
- He loves to open and close every door, cupboard and drawer in the house.
- He loves to dance.
- When ever the washer is going, he stands, up leans his hands against the washer and sways back and forth with the rhythm of the washer. Its kind of funny :)
- He thinks it's hilarious to pat mine or Brian's belly. It's a great self esteem booster. Not!
- He loves to pull out all the plastic lids and play with them.
- He helps me sing the "clean up" song. In his own version :)
- He loves baby Einstein.
- He ALWAYS pulls his socks off and sucks on them.
- He loves his baths.
- He's a cuddler... mostly at night.
- He likes to slap or pound on everything.
- He pulls down EVERY towel that I have hung up.
- He gets scared when other babies scream. He usually ends up crying... haha. He's a softy. 

It has been a great first year! He will ALWAYS be my sweet baby boy :) 


Mall trick or treat - The whole city of Moscow was there! It was fun though.

 Koston and friends :)

Our little china man!

Why not wear 2 costumes for Halloween? 

My cute little Tiger

Pre- falling on his face :(

My friend Chelsey let us borrow these costumes for Koston. I was way lame and waited till the last minute to get him a costume... only to find out they were all gone! Thanks Chelsey!

A few more random pics...

His favorite spot....

And again...

And again!

So now that October is over and done with, things have kind of slowed down, which isn't a bad thing. Unfortunately, things for Brian have done about the opposite. He is still as busy as ever and has loads upon loads of reading and studying! He is amazing and I can't comprehend how he does it. I love him so much and I really appreciate that even with how busy he is, he can still find time to go tracting with the missionaries or help them out in anyway. I also appreciate how he will make time to hang out with me and watch our tv shows together :) It's a little thing... but it means a lot. 

One last thing! Here's a sneak peak of some fun Christmas Vinyl that I'm selling over here! Check it out :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


This is what the little man & I did this morning. He was in love

Lately I've been pretty busy and have found myself occupied with other things... when really, I need to be spending more time with Koston and giving him the attention that he needs. I've realized that time passes too quickly. I need to soak up all the time and precious moments I can get with this little guy. He deserves the BEST and I want to be the mommy that he deserves. I really can't explain the happiness that fills me when I walk into his bedroom each morning. He always awaits me with a huge smile on his face... usually standing up peaking his chubby little face over the rail of his crib. This morning when I went in to get him from his nap... I pretty much cried because I just love this guy so much. Sometimes I think we take things for granted... and really don't realize how blessed we are. I know that I have so much to be thankful for and I honestly wouldn't know where to begin. I have a good life. I have the greatest family and the greatest friends. Heavenly Father has been good to me. And I often wonder why.

Anyway (as I'm like tearing up!) Today was a good day :) Koston & I went to the East side market place where they have a little play area for kids. He's not walking by himself yet, but he loves to stand up and walk around anything he can hold on to. I knew this place would be great for him! When we first got there, there were a couple of little boys that Koston was fascinated with. He wanted to play with them so bad. He followed them most of the time while the boys would run away from him. It was kind of funny. He didn't mind though :) He was just having fun watching the boys and climbing on to the toys. Here's a few pics that I got of him today.

He's turning 1 in less than 2 weeks! I think that's what has made me so blubbery :)  My baby is turning into a little boy! We're throwing him a little party here and inviting our friends over to celebrate. I'm sad that none of our family can be here... but we'll survive! He'll have plenty more birthdays!

* Finally! Some people have asked me for pictures of our place. SO here it is! Our TINY apartment.

Family room/ laundry room/ dining room... 3 in 1 baby. haha. 


The doors that lead to the washer & dryer!

Just another angle...

And then off to the the right & left are the 2 bedrooms. They both have bathrooms with walk in closets. I love having a bathroom in Kostons room. It's much more convenient! I would have taken pictures but our bedroom is embarrassing :) These apartments come fully furnished except for the T.V. stand... that's ours :)

I'm weird and I never know how to rap up my posts. So... I guess, that's it! Haha. See ya!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


So, anyone who's my friend on facebook will probably hate me for posting this (hehe) But I started a little "at home vinyl bussiness"... :) Anyway, if you want to check out what I've been doing lately you can go Here. I'm selling some cute halloween vinyl at the moment so if you're interested in anything, shoot me an email at and we can get it figured out! I don't have the shipping posted on my other blog... so that wont be included in the price shown. Thanks!

Here's some pics: