Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yup! It's my sweeties B-Day! Brian turned 23 on the 14th. His birthday was on a Sunday so we celebrated it on Friday and went to eat at Texas Roadhouse and then came home and had cake, ice cream and opened presents! Then on Sunday we went to his parents house and had another little b-day party for him!

I love Brian so much! I've never loved & admired someone so much as i do Brian. I know he is my better half :) He is everything that i strive to be and has all the qualities that i've ever wanted! He tries so hard in everything he does and always achieves what he sets forth to do. I'm so grateful to have someone like him in my life. He is just an overall amazing & GOOD person. He amazes me everyday. He makes me & my family laugh constantly which is so important to me. I know i will never get bored with him. He is SOO sweet! There's never a minute where he's not telling me he loves me or that I'm beautiful... and not only does he just say it, but he shows it. He works so hard in school and does great in his job. He really is just perfect! Heavenly Father definitely spoiled me by allowing Brian into my life. He's such a blessing and a JOY to me. I love you Brian! Thank you for being my husband and the best one too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

8 Tag...

8 favorite TV shows
- The Office
- Everybody Loves Raymond

8 things I did yesterday
- Worked
- Vacuumed
- Mopped
- Christmas shopping
- Relief Society- Enrichment night

8 things I look foward to
- Brian graduating from ASU
- Figuring out Law school
- Colorado
- Mexico
- Christmas
- Getting back into shape!
- Buying a house someday!
- Being a mommy

8 favorite restaurants/food places
- Neds Crazy Sub
- Olive Garden
- Taco Bell
- Texas Roadhouse
- Subway

8 things on my wish list
- Furniture
- A puppy
- A house

8 people I tag
- Danie
- Amanda
- Brittney
- Michelle
- Holly Arnett
- Holly Helms

(haha i don't have 8 for most of these...)


Congrats to Tiffany! She's PREGNANT! I'm sooo excited for her! And for me too, haha jk , I've wanted one of my friends to have a baby soon... but most of us have recently gotten married, so i was counting on Tiff to start the trend. :) Anyways, just wanted to say congrats to Tiffany. I love you girl and you and Drew will be the best parents ever :)

My best friends wedding

Yay for Danie and Blair! Danie and Blair were married Nov. 25th in the Mesa temple and boy am i so happy for them!!! These 2 make the cutest couple ever, i know they will be so happy together :)

So, i was obsessed with her dress and had to take pictures of it. Her AMAZING mom made it too! I swear, she is one talented lady and the sweetest one too. Gotta love the Eaton bunch!

Danie had been collecting brioches for a long time for her dress. Isn't it so pretty!

Her sisters did all the decorating. It turned out so cute. I loved the "Fall" theme.

All the girls and I

Danie & I