Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's our turn!

We're going private! Please send me your addresses so i can add them :) Thanks!

(I will delete these when added)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

5 months & ASU

None of this is in any particular order... I'm lazy so i wasn't about to try :)

As of 4/3/2010 Koston can officially roll over! It took a few tries, but now he can successfully roll onto that chubby belly of his! Now, whenever we lay him down he's instantly rolling over.

He's always so happy :)

Brian graduates from ASU in May so he asked if i'd make him a sign so he could attach his chain that he made to count down the days! He's really excited to finally graduate and take the next big step... law school! We've been busy trying to figure things out. We've even made a trip to cali. to check out a potential school out and it was really fun. We'll have to make a decision within the next couple weeks, so we'll keep you posted!

Proudly hanging up in our room.

And of course, some more fun pictures of our chubs. We love him so much! He's over 5 months old now I can't believe it!

At a gas station on our way back from Cali.

Second time eating rice cereal! It's always such a mess when i try to feed him. He just pushes the food out along with a bunch of drool :) haha.

All ready for bed!

Well that's it... HAPPY EASTER!!!