Sunday, July 18, 2010

A few weekends ago the girls and I ventured out to Scottsdale to have a fun, relaxing weekend. We went to dinner at Marcellas, shopped a little at the mall, got some yummy gelatto... talked alot, went to to our room at the Scottsdale plaza, talked some more... went swimming and talked some more... then went back to our room and crashed. It was so fun and nice to get together with all of them. Although not everyone could come, it was still a blast. Oh, and did I metion the sleeping in was nice? :) Cause it was! I'm really going to miss all my friends when we move :( But I know we'll all keep in touch.

The next morning we went to Sprinkles and got free cupcakes thanks to Hayley for knowing the secret phrase.. "summer Love" - SCORE!

WOW- They were DELISH!

Tiffany & I went to AZ mills and took our boys with us too. It was fun... Kostons been teething lately which has made him a little cranky, so it was kinda tuff at times with him, but he was still pretty good.

That trip left me questioning, why havent I been going to this mall the whole time! It's huge with a lot of good stores, and lots of good deals!

When we got home, this is how we found the boys - poor guys were so tired.. and sweaty! AZ is SOO hot. But, you already knew that. Ugh.

In the past couple of weeks all we've been doing is getting ready to move. I've sold stuff on craigslist, had a blog sale, had a garage sell and have just given things away. Let's just say.... I'm. over. it.

We've moved a big trash barrel into the basement so we could easily get rid of our junk. Koston's been helping out :) I know this looks bad... It was Brians idea :)

I'll keep the rest of this short and sweet since I have a bazillion of other things to get to, not to mention... sleep! It's going to be a busy day tomorrow! Getting ready for HAWAII! We leave early Saturday morning. We're so excited! We really haven't thought much about it since all of our time and energy has been focused on getting ready to move. This trip has kind of crept up on us. It will sure be nice and break things up a bit. YAY!

I'm sure gonna miss this little guy though. We're attached at the hip. Fortunately, he'll be in good hands so hopefully I won't worry too much. My mom's taking him up to our cabin for a week with some of my family so I know he'll have a lot of fun and get lots of attention :)

Have a good weekend! Peace out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So he doesn't forget.

Today Tiffany came over so we could get our craft on & this was the result of it...

Tiffany's is really cute too! We'll have to post it once she finishes it! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

June stuff

Is it July already?

June went by way too fast! Probably because we've been having so much fun... with trips to Cali, swimming, going to the cabin...

It makes me sad that it's going so fast because now we're down to 5 weeks left until we move!


We already know where we'll be living and have paid our first months rent. We've gone back and forth with the idea of either selling basically everything we own (so Brian can just drive our car up with some of our things) or renting a trailer and bringing all of our stuff with us. I'm not gonna lie, that would be really hard for me to do. Not that we have a lot of stuff or anything- but still. I guess I wouldn't have been a very good pioneer... how did they do it?! haha. But I think we've come down to the conclusion of renting a trailer and hauling all of our stuff there.

Koston and I will be flying up there a couple of days after Brian leaves since it will take that long to drive there. Phew! I feel bad for Brian - I just know it would be so hard with Koston. Brians a trooper though and likes to drive for some reason. Me? I hate it. I'm no good on road trips. I fall asleep at the wheel ten minutes into it!

* Anyway here's some pictures of the fun things we've done in June - and of course some are stolen from Shellene. Thanks Shellene! haha. I'm horrible with a camera. I should never be the designated picture taker!

(Pictures in no particular order)

Getting our Nertz on in Cali.

Some chose to go to Disneyland :)

* A day at the beach! A first for Koston. He had lots of fun until he was overtaken by a wave. Brian was sitting down with him with his back facing the water so he didn't see the huge wave that was about to swallow them up - and me... well, I don't know what I was doing. I sure wasn't paying attention to the water I guess. My bad. Haha. Koston was okay after he had a bottle and a nap. I felt so bad though because he had sand in every crack and crevice in his body.... and he has a lot of those!

Love this picture that Shellene snapped of the back of their legs. I blew this picture up and had it printed out on canvas for Brian and gave it to him as a late fathers day gift- He loved it!

Taking a nap in the wagon after he got washed up by the wave.

Brian put a Baby Einstein video on my iPhone and Koston loves to watch it. He layed on our bed in Cali and watched it forever. However, you don't want to be there when I take it away from him- he so not loves it after that.

He gets tired so he rotates :)

Kostons first hair cut- Thanks Michelle!

* This was the first time we took him swimming. Brian, Koston and I went swimming with Drew, Tiffany and Nixon at Brimhall pool. He was pretty indifferent to the water. He didn't love it- but he didn't not like it so that was good!

Koston doing his best pirate impression...

Nixon & Koston
"Mine's the fat one, yeah"

* Last week we went to our Cabin in Groom Creek which is by Prescott. The weather was so nice! It was hard to come home. It was a very relaxing trip. We played games, went on walks, watched movies, read and played sudoku :)

I was not going to miss this! (ok- maybe our car is a little dramatic and over exaggerating on the temperature. But not by too much!)

Check out that couch! The cabin has a collection of some sweet old hand me downs haha

Love this face.

The bathroom downstairs didn't have a tub so I bathed him in the sink. He didn't mind at all :)

That's it!

Hopefully July slows down a bit!