Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brian has a son...

And this is him! His boy, Elder Graff, wow i can't think of his first name right now, made a special stop in Mesa while on his way home to Texas. Brian trained Elder Graff on his mission so that's why he calls him his "boy" or "son." Elder Graff was quite possibly one of Brian's most favorite companions. So you can only imagine how excited and overjoyed he was to finally see him again. Brian was actually the one who wanted me to post about this. Anyway, it was really nice to finally meet this person who Brian always talks about! We only got to visit with him for a short time cause they had to head back out on the road, but the short stop was definitely worth it. Anyone who makes brian happier than the Office, is worth the love! I've actually met a ton of his old companions/ friends from his mission. Brian and i counted about 10 or 11 that i've met, so i feel very privileged. Any who, it was a great weekend!

P.S. Notice the beard. 4 days until he shaves it!!! :)

I love FALL!

I made some delicious PUMPKIN ROLLS! They were pretty simple to make and tasted heavenly! Even Brian liked them and he doesn't really like pumpkin. So that says a lot :) Anyway, just thought i'd share my proud accomplishment. haha.

Don't you worry, i got a little crazy with the picture taking! I had to throw a little Thanksgiving in there, Or did i throw some pumpkin rolls in there? haha oh well.

Ok, here's a normal picture of them. Some of them were slightly squares w/ rounded edges? My mistake. I spread out the dough too thin on the edges which made the edges bake a lot faster than the rest. So it didn't roll up quite well in some spots! I'm getting there!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween was so much fun this year and i have plenty of pictures and videos to prove it! Brian and I spent Halloween at his parents house with the rest of his family. We had dinner, passed out candy to the trick r treaters and just hung out and had a great time! It was fun seeing all of the kids dressed up in their costumes. When ever they'd come up to us for candy, Brian would tell them they had to tell us what their costume was before they could get candy. There were some pretty clever costumes too.... I think my favorite was the girl who was dressed up as a "sassy vampire." Haha i had to give a shout out to her, that one was just too cute. So what would you say the age limit to trick r treating would be? Because we definitely were questioning a few... I guess 40ish isn't too old to some! haha oh well!

I'm proud to say that we had some of the best costumes around. Everything from Pedro, down to the Geoff heads! It was hillarious actually. For those of you who don't know Geoff, he's Brian's brother... and he's somewhat of a legend at the Garners house. He's probably the most talked about person i've ever heard of! No joke! But for those of you who do know him, i'm sure you will appreciate these pictures/ videos ;) Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! We sure did!

pedro, Geoff (Scott), & Geoff (Brian)

Geoff #1

Geoff #2

And for the video...