Friday, February 27, 2009

Birthdays and good news

My posts are mostly monthly updates, so i'm on a roll :) 

I just wanted to say happy birthday to all the February B-days! Namely Scott, Michelle and Tiffany (those were the most recent!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy B-day Tiff! I love you girl :) (Oddly enough, i can't really find a pic. of just you and I except this one. So this will have to do.) Thanks girl for being such a good friend and for being the greatest hair stylist i know ;)

* What's next... oh! Just wanted to say thanks to Brian for being so Amazing! For my birthday he surprised me with these beautiful white roses...

along with a few other great gifts! He always loves doing surprises for me & he'll get SO excited about it, but will NEVER tell me what he's got up his sleeve. I love that about him. I just know that he truly loves and cares about me and he'll do whatever he can just to see me smile :) Thanks for being such a wonderful husband and best friend. I love you!

I forgot to mention one of the other gifts he got me... get ready... 

It's the SNUGGIE!

HAHA. I'm always complaining about how COLD it is at work and how it's impossible to cover my arms with a normal blanket when I'm working. My problems are solved! Thanks for thinking of me babe ;) I don't even care if i look like a monk.

* Also... we had girls night last weekend and went out to eat at Charlestons. It was mighty delicious, but I can't say the same about the service. Although we had to wait for so long, we got to talk and catch up on life so it wasn't bad. It's always so fun when we get together. I love all of these girls! I hope you don't mind Tiffany, i stole this pic. from your post :)

* And now for the last update.... Some know... some don't. I haven't gone totally public with it yet, but the word is out so i might as well. I am indeed PREGNANT! At least 3 pregnancy tests and not starting "you know what" tells me so :) Brian and I both are Very excited and can't wait to take this next big step in life! Unfortunately, i can't get in to see my Dr. till March 17th so i don't really know my exact due date. It looks like it'll be around the end of October though. So yeah! Lots of good news! Morning sickness hasn't totally kicked in yet... a little bit nauseas here and there, but nothing bad. Brian thinks it's going to be a boy, i say a girl. He said he had a revelation while mowing the lawn that it will be a boy. Haha! I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Buns of steel

 So, I'm a little frustrated. I HAVE been running, HONEST! My nike thing must be broken cause every time i plug it in... it won't load anything. Grrr... I swear, I'm not THAT much of a slacker?! :)

On a lighter note... i have a funny story to tell. A few months ago we bought a new toilet seat because "someone" broke the other one. Well, a few months ago that same "someone" must have really had to go pretty bad, because he went and did it again! ... AND i actually heard it crack this time! I was in a completely different room mind you. HAHAHA!  Believe it or not... he was pretty embarrassed about it, but I couldn't help but laugh at him. It was just way too funny. He immediately called him self fat and felt really bad... but, it soon turned into him just having a left butt cheek made out of steel. I think that made him feel better about himself ;) We still haven't replaced the seat yet, but are in definite need of a new one because every time he goes in there i always hear him let out a scream cause it's pinched him! Haha, oh wow. FYI, he said i could post this... I had to do it!

What's with our blog and toilets?