Thursday, December 9, 2010

My little boy.

Shellene & Michelle took some family pictures for us and snapped a few sweet shots of Koston. These were some of my fave :)

He had a hard time waking up!

This little boy is into everything now! I'm always having to chase him around and make sure he's not getting into something. The other day I found him sitting in the closet opening and closing the door. He's funny. He doesn't mind sitting in the dark.

When we first got here we went to visit our friends Jon, Holly & Connor. Connor's turning 1 soon! Yay!

They liked watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :)

He's such a sweet heart.

Sweet little boys.

 I don't have too many pics of Koston with my mom so I had to snap one of them right before church.

Apparently he didn't want a picture with me! Yes. He's screaming!

He's still crawling in, out, up, down and around everything.

He thinks it's SO funny to put his hands all over his hair!! He knew he was being naughty because everytime I'd get mad at him, he'd laugh and do it again. Haha.

I love this little boy. I'm so grateful to have him. He helps me smile when times are hard and always knows how to tug at my heart strings. Love him!


katie said...

so cute :) love him!

mike and breanna devlin said...

he's so adorable!!

Danie Rae Whatcott said...

OHHH hahaha i love all of the pictures!! You and him both look beautiful

The Garlock's said...

Love the pics and you two! Silly boy!

MichelleY said...

can;t get enough of that little guy, he is the sweetest thing ever...just like his mama :)

britney said...

he is the cutest! i love those cheekies!

Amanda Lines said...

i DIE! he is so stinkin cute and what a good and happy boy. you both are AWESOME!!!

Allen and Ashlyn said...

He really is such a cute little boy!! I still can't get over his cheeks!

B & Shanni Boyd said...

you are such a cute mom! i hope i'm cute like you!