Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A way PAST DUE post of the month of Dec. in PICTURES! Phew!

Ugly sweater Christmas Party!
I couldn't get a good picture of all them, so this will have to do.
I'm pretty sure Lanny was making goofy faces in all of them.

Colorado w/ the Baldwins!
They are probably one of the greatest families i know!
Brian & I had SO much fun w/ them, we didn't want to come back!
I love them so much :)
This was our fun night of decorating sugar cookies.
My sis. Rachele and the kids.

My niece, Tacye, made both Brian & I Christmas cards.
This is one of them... So sweet.

2nd annual Jungle Boys Christmas party!
Along w/ their wive's/ girlfriends
We had a white elephant gift exchange and Brian was lucky
enough to choose the gift with an animal in it...
Our hamster, Mitzi! She lasted less then a week unfortunately.
We bummed her off to Brian's bro, Scott because we didn't get much use out of her.
They then gave her a way a week later. I wonder where she's at now! Poor Mitzi...
Our family picture
The lovely couple who hosted the Party! Jon and Holly Arnett
with their NEW MULLETS!

Christmas Eve at the Garners!
Gotta show off these cuties in their new christmas PJ's!
And Allie!

Christmas Day!
Brian & I sportin' our new X-box pants thanks
to my Mom, haha! They're more for
Brian though. He's hooked :)
Who looks this cute on Christmas morning, honestly?
My beautiful Mom!
This was one of Brian's most favorite present!
Fili B's!
New Years Camping Trip
Brian whittling w/ his new knife

Holly & Kali
Buns, Kason and Brian lighting off fireworks.
It's funny how amazed we were by them, we'd throw
them in the stream and watch them blow up under water... haha.
Me attempting to pull back the arrow. Wow i'm so weak!
Almost hit the bulls eye...
Thanks to Kason we camped in luxury.
This beats squatting anyday!


J.D. and Micah said...

Oh man! You guys were packed with adventures!! Looks like you had a blast! Love the toilet.. hahaha that is classic!

Taylor and Amanda Lines said...

bout time for an update liesl gosh!!! lol jk!!! i miss ya! we need to get our men together and do something! ps... and not just at family functions that you very much!

shellene said...

Love the be-u-ti-ful Christmas sweaters! Wherever did you get such stylin' duds (wink)! I'm also in awe of Buns mullet. I actually like it. I think he should try growing his hair out. Reminds me of a Beatle. Glad to see you two are making such fun memories.

Jon said...

I am happy to see I made it on the blog a few times! Everything we do is still always so awesome! More and more good times to come. They just keep getting better.

MichelleY said...

Who is Bun's hairdresser - love the new "do". You and Brian are so cute together - you always do such fun things. The Ugly Sweater parties are too funny!

Steve and Shell said...

i think that chair may persuade me to camp every now and then! i need to get one of those!

britney said...

Wow - how did i miss this post? And why does allie sit on my lap & keep saying "Again" - she loves all the pictures! lol